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Lettering Final Design Cardstock

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Our Lettering Final Design Cardstock - perfect for works you want to frame!

I wanted something that I could use for a final lettering design I wanted to frame and put on the wall, but when I went to the stationery and art supplies store there were so many different options and I had no idea what would work well with my brush lettering pens.  

So I tested a huge number of different papers and finally found what I was looking for, and now you can trust that this paper is specifically chosen for lettering projects.

The cardstock sheets are sooo thick and smooth, perfect for your brush pen and marker nibs. This is a great set to add to your lettering supplies!

The pad includes 25 sheets, shrink-wrapped together.


-25 sheets of BLANK cardstock 

-14 point thick uncoated cardstock

-Shrink wrapped together, not bound in a pad

-Selected specifically for lettering!

-Thick, smooth and doesn’t bleed



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