Mandala Artist Pens, 2 Brush Pens and 2 Fine Tip

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These make a really cool journaling and art set.  It combines 2 superfine nib pens for creating thin, precise lines for outlining and tracing and 2 brush pens for wide strokes and brush lettering. 

And I LOVE these colors!

This set includes 4 India ink pens and a reusable stencil.

The pen colors are:

  • #247 Indanthrene Blue (Superfine Nib) 
  • #125 Middle Purple Pink (Superfine Nib)
  • #107 Cadmium Yellow (Brush Nib)
  • #161 Phtalo Green (Brush Nib)

These are archival, waterproof, permanent, acid-free, and odorless.  

Note: I like the keep these in my pen pouch for when I want to take notes in the perfect lettering notebooks :D

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