Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course
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Beginning with Brush Pens Online Course

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Course description

You've seen people creating beautiful calligraphy, but when you try it on your own, it just doesn't turn out the same... When I first got brush pens I was beyond frustrated. After a ton of work, research & practice, I finally unlocked the keys to making them work like magic and can't wait to share these tips with you! This course will teach you all the tools and tips you need to use a brush pen like a pro!


Course Curriculum

Chapter 1: The class you've been waiting for!  2:47

  1. Addi & Lisa Welcome you to class!
  2. We're so excited for you to get started!
  3. Class Supply List

 Chapter 2: Oh the difference paper makes!  6:55

  1. Video Lesson: All the paper...
  2. Review: All of the papers mentioned and links to find them

Chapter 3: So many brush pens, so little time...  6:36

  1. Video Lesson: Introduction to our Favorite Brush Pens!
  2. Review: Keep track of all these pens - here are their names and links to find them.

Chapter 4: Form and Drills  10:23

  1. DOWNLOAD: Print this drill worksheet to follow along!
  2. Video Lesson: Here is the secret sauce of brush pens!
  3. Review: Let's go over the tips shared in this chapter. They're so important!

Chapter 5: Creating Capitals - How to use a brush pen to write Print Capital Letters  11:46

  1. DOWNLOAD: A guide sheet of Capital Letters created with a Brush Pen
  2. Video Lesson: Let's create Capitals
  3. Review: Print Letters with Brush Pens

Chapter 6: The entire Script Alphabet  22:52

  1. DOWNLOAD: Script Alphabet Guide Sheets - Print these out to follow along!
  2. Video Lesson: Brush Pen Script Alphabet
  3. Review: Brush Pen Script Alphabet

Chapter 7: Recap & Farewell  1:38

  1. Video: Recap and Farewell with Lisa & Addi
  2. Review: We are so proud of you!

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