Chalk Art 101 Online Course
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Chalk Art 101 Online Course

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Course description

You've seen beautiful chalkboards all over Pinterest, at darling parties & your local restaurant. Now you have a chalkboard (or chalkboard wall!) in your own home and are ready to make it beautiful. We're going to show you step by step exactly how you can do it yourself with this course!


Course Breakdown

  1. Video - Lisa & Addi Welcome You to Class!
  2. Welcome to Chalk Art 101!
  3. Chalk Art Packet Download- Print this out!
  4. Class Supply List

Chapter 2: All About Chalkboards

  1. Video Lesson - Chalkboards Overview
  2. A Closer Look at those Chalkboards...

Video: How to find Chalkboard Materials at Home Depot

Chapter 3: The Best Chalk Tools

  1. Video Lesson - All the (Chalk) Things
  2. Supply List and Links to the Chalk Tools mentioned in the Video

Chapter 4: Block Lettering & Beyond

  1. Video Lesson - BLOCK lettering
  2. BLOCK lettering basics and variations

Chapter 5: Learn the Beauty of Script Lettering

  1. Video Lesson - Script Lettering
  2. Script Lettering Secrets

Chapter 6: Mastering Banners

  1. Video Lesson - Banners
  2. Banners Will Make You an Expert!

Chapter 7: Frame it with Borders & Corners

  1. Video Lesson - Borders & Corners
  2. The Finishing Touch

Chapter 8: Flowers Make Everything Pretty

  1. Video Lesson: Beautiful Flowers
  2. Creating a Floral Heaven

Chapter 9: Flourish Your Little Heart Out

  1. Video Lesson: Flourishing
  2. Flourishes make the world go 'round.

Chapter 10: Let's Lay it All Out!

  1. Video Lesson - The Final Lay Out
  2. Final Design - This is what we've been waiting for!

Chapter 11: You did it!

  1. Video - Recap & Farewell
  2. We're so proud!

BONUS VIDEO: Happy Birthday Chalkboard!

Bonus: Beautiful Birthday Board


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