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Guide to Mindful Lettering + Perfect Pen Starter Kit Bundle

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With this bundle you get both the Guide to Mindful Lettering book AND an awesome oversized pen pouch with 3 of my favorite brush pens!

The zipper pouch is made of canvas with dark teal/green printing (similar to the color of the book!). It's lined with light blue fabric and will fit all of your brush pens, no matter how long they are! I used to get frustrated because regular pencil pouches were always too small!

The pens included are:

-Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Nib Brush Pen 

-Copic Multiliner Brush Medium Pen

-Tombow Dual Brush Pen

They are all BLACK and are perfect for beginners and experts (I still grab one of these 90% of the time!).

This is the perfect companion for the Guide to Mindful Lettering, especially if you want to just get started right away without having to shop around for supplies. Not to mention, getting the bundle would be the perfect thoughtful gift!

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