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Perfect Pen Pouch Starter Kit

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Introducing our awesome oversized pen pouch with 3 of my favorite brush pens!

The zipper pouch is made of canvas with dark teal/green printing (similar to the color of the book!). It's lined with light blue fabric and will fit all of your brush pens, no matter how long they are! I used to get frustrated because regular pencil pouches were always too small!

The pens included are:

-Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Nib Brush Pen 

-Copic Multiliner Brush Medium Pen

-Tombow Dual Brush Pen

They are all BLACK and are perfect for beginners and experts (I still grab one of these 90% of the time!).

This is the perfect gift on its own or as a companion for the Guide to Mindful Lettering, especially if you want to just get started right away without having to shop around for supplies. 

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