Pitt Artist Brush Pens - Brights Set

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This set of 4 Faber Castell Colorful PITT Artist Brush Pens is AWESOME. I love these medium sized brush pens! They create beautiful brush lettering with their flexible brush nibs. 

This set includes 4 beautiful colors: #156 Cobalt Green, #125 Middle Purple Pink, #113 Orange Glaze, #171 Light Green

Other awesome tidbits:
Premium quality India Ink will not bleed through paper
Brush nib works like a paint brush to create thick and thin lines
Permanent ink will not smudge once dry
Colors can be layered on paper, canvas, books and journals
Archival, Waterproof, Acid-free

Note: these would work great with either of our lettering workbooks, our lettering notebooks or as a companion to our online courses!

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